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No bake Biscoff cookies


I love no bake cookies.. they require only the stove top..are quickly made..and taste great! My family loves them!
But the ever inspiring cookbook writter author inside me..likes to shake up a recipe when ever I can..

On a recent trip to Florida this past fall my son came across these cookies we had once enjoyed while living and traveling in Europe . We had forgot about them..and were thrilled he had the chance to enjoy them once again. .but this time he kept the wrapper..once back home..we quickly traveled to The World Market in Raleigh, NC..and came across packs of cookies..of which we snagged up several packages to take home..where we slowly endulged in them..daily with our hot tea and Coco..being careful to savor the moment.. after all we had not had them in over 9 years since traveling Europe..

Fast forward…a few weeks…shopping at our local Wally workd..when WHAT DO I SEE ON THE SHELF AMOUNG THE OREO’S AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS???
Our beloved Biscoff COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!! Thrilled, I quickly took a picture and sent it to my son.. which prompted an immediate phone call from him..Where are you he said! WAL MART! I laugh! OMG! Pick some I did..SCORE!!!
Continuing with my shopping with a little hop, skip and jump in my step..I went to pick up a jar of Jif peanut Butter..when low and behold look what I found!!

YES! Biscoff spread! I never knew they even made this stuff!! And how in the world would anyone know what this stuff is with never tasting it before??????? Well I wasn’t sure WHAT I was going to do with it.. but it was coming home with me !!!! I didn’t tell my son…I kept it a suprise..until I could figure out what to do with it..

Like I said.. I love no bakes..we all love today I decided to make my family No I was getting everything together..I noticed that jar of Biscoff Spread..Hummmmmm…. I wonder??? Could I? Dare I??? Oh yea.. I dare to do this.. so at 10:30 at night.. I began the journey of the Biscoff No bake Cookies.. Oh how glad I am !!!!!
I switched out the peanut butter..for the Biscoff spread.. and left out the chocolate.. I wanted the Biscoff Spread to be the star player in these cookies.. they are that good..that they don’t need the chocolate to be a star!!! And a Star they are!! OMG!!! If you have not tried Biscoff cookies and don’t walk to your local Wal Mart and pick these up! ( I have also picked them up at TJ MAX!…and Big Lots!)

Switch out your cookies and peanute butter for these NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! I assure you it will be a hit with family and friends.. ( Smashed up on ice cream! Use as a cookies crust for bar cookie, brownies and cheese cakes..spread some marshmellow creme in the middle of two cookies and make a new kind of Smores…use cookies crumbs on the side of a plain jane layer cake to elevate it to the next level…replace peanut butter for the biscoff spread in all your recipes…this cookies spread it out of this world! Warm it up and pour over ice cream, raisin bread pudding, on a bagel…make a grilled sandwhich with the spread..with marshmellow cream..OMG!

Can you tell, I dream about this stuff!!!!! Please do yourself a favor and give it a try!!! Here is the recipe!
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Biscoff NO Bakes
1/2 Cup While Milk
1 1/2 Cup sugar
1/2 Butter
dash of salt

place all ingredients in a heavy sauce pan. Bring to a slow boil..stirring constantly..once at a full boil that you can not stir down..start timing the boil for three minutes….
measure out 1 cup Biscoff… 2 Teaspoons of Good quality Madagascar Vanilla ( only the best will do) and 3 cups of quick cooking oat ( Quaker Oats only)

Once your timer goes off ( use the timer…or it will be over cooked!!! And your cookies will be me on the three minutes!) remove from the burner and add the biscoff spread and vanilla…stirring until the spread has completley melted..
then add the oats , a little at a time…and stir until completely mixed..drop my the wooden spoonful onto parchment paper…for easy clean up! Let set on parchment until complete set..about 30-35 minutes..if you can keep everyone, including your self..away that long!! The minute I can pick one up.. I am testing it!!!
These are a easy peasy pleaser! Make them today.. your family and friends will LOVE you for it!