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Getting spices organized


Is the new year and new beginning and I really want to get organized this year ,so one of the things that I want to organize is my spices . like many of you I’m sure, my spices are in a basket and whenever I need one I have to dig through the whole basket to find whatever it is that I need and usually is the very last one that i touch…that i need!
so I browsed around on Pinterest and was able to find a couple of I neat ideas for spice storage…and today I went to Walmart and I purchased a over the door shoe rack fir $4.95. I put the shoe rack on the back of my pantry door and proceeded to fill it up with all my different spices
I was able to clear out two baskets of spices that I had under my counter .  I utilize the top and the bottom for spices that I don’t use it often …the middle rows are those spices  that I use  a lot !
each of the shoe holders will hold approximately 4 different bottles so if I end up getting more I still have plenty of room !
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, my spices are organized and easy to reach when I’m cooking and just steps away from the stove it will make it so much more convenient to use my spices… and on the upside I will also know when I’m out of something and need to replenish it.. I hope you like this tip. Give it a try and free up some space in a drawer or basket where you presently have them stored and enjoy using your spices again !


Cheers Beverly


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Pineapple Coconut Pie


I like let me change that.. I love pie…and I mean all kinds of pies..recently.. well a few hours ago my niece Amber posted that she was waiting for this Pineapple- Coconut Pie to she could try a piece..well I have been deathly ill that last six days.. and my body is filled with STERIODS…which have “KICKED” in..and once I saw the pictures of this pie and she posted the recipe… I was in the kitchen making it!! Yep..within 2 1/2 hours of her Pineapple- Coconut Pie is on the kitchen counter cooling so I can taste it.. although I trust my nieces..Amy & Amber.. who have been writting post after post about the taste of this wonderful pie for the last three hours.. I started drooling the moment I saw the picture! Amber is a wonderful cook and baker….If her and Amy Love it.. I know I will.. so I thought While it is cooling I would write this post.. but I won’t post it until I taste it!!


I just tasted my pie! This was thee freshest tasting pie I have ever ate! I love the freshness of the Pineapple..the creamyness of the custard..and the hint of coconut! This is a keeper..and I think would taste great on any day.. but in the heat of the summer..this one will ROCK! MY nieces were spot on with their reviews!! Pin this one.. you will want to try it! Trust me..!

NOTES on the baking of the pie!This pie is the easiest pie I think I have ever made! It is put together quickly…I have a convection oven so I only cooked it 45 minutes instead of the orginal time.. you should know your oven.. like I do.. and you can just tell when it is ready… Amber suggested cutting back on the corn syrup..I used 1/2 cup..( it was a little too sweet ) instead of the one cup in the recipe.. Amy suggested putting it in the frig to cool..staying the cooled pie was even better then the first piece they raved about so much!! So mine is now in the frig!…I already have ideals spinning around in this little brain of mine…to see how I can put my own spin on it..I will post any changes I make to this wonderful pie when I try the ideals..

1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup flaked coconut
1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple, undrained
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup butter, melted

1 unbaked pastry shell (9 inches)


1.In a large bowl, combine sugar and flour.
Add the corn syrup, coconut, pineapple, eggs and vanilla; mix well.

2. Make your pie crust..or pull out a packaged one from the frig…and prepare for filling!
Pour into pastry shell. Drizzle with butter.

Crimp the crust after you pour in the filling..

3. Bake at 350° for 50-55 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. (Cover loosely with foil if the top browns too quickly.)

Cool on a wire rack. Chill before cutting. Store in the refrigerator.Yield: 6-8 servings
Told you it was easy peasy! It takes longer to cool, than to mix the ingredients and bake!


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Berry Meringue cake with real whipped cream


My beautful daugher in law is from Uzbekistan. My son was on Active duty at the American Embassy and met Nodira, who worked at the Embassy. Our lives have been blessed since that day with the lovely young lady who has become my daughter. They married on June 01,2012.
She is a blessing to all of us..She is a greaduate of Georgetown Unniversity Law School…quite a honorable feat from a young lady from Uzbekistan!
My son recently medicially retired from the United States Marine Corps. He is a Wounded Warrior. She is a saint. She is his caregiver..the love of his life..and ours..

I love her with all my heart and soul…she is thousands of miles from her family. She is very close to her mother who I have had the wonderful honor of meeting, when she visited . I see where her daughter’s wonderful Personality comes from!

So this Christmas..another one without her family…I wanted to do something for my daughter…but what? I wanted to do something to bring the miles to her Family closer…so I contacted her mother and ask for a dessert to make for Nodira..that would make her think of home..her mom found this one for me that is the closes to what she would have in their Country. I was thrilled to give it a try..but I must admit, I didn’t know if I could pull it off! But I did!!! Her mother was pleased that I wanted to do this for Nodira..I was pleased she would share with me this wonderful recipe.. and to see the look on Nodira’s face when she saw it!
And …she loved it! This Berry Merinque cake will now be apart of our Christmas Traditions.. a little of Uzbekistan with us….helping to bring our Nodira closer to her family…

So this is a very special cake…I urge you to give it a try.. it was really quite simple..but the look is Gourmet! And the taste is out of this world!! I know there are lots of recipes all over the internet for Meringue..but THIS one is THE ONLY ONE you will ever need! You could also make individual ones to serve too…the thing to remember about this you HAVE to make the MERINGUE the NIGHT BEFORE you need it..yes, The oven temp is 500…. remember to turn it OFF when you put the MERINGUE in the oven..shut the door and forget about not assemble until an hour before you are going to eat it..and IF you have any leftovers..cover well..and put in frig..and eat the next day…

I hope you have someone special to make this for…it will become your family favorite too!


Original recipe makes 10 servings

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar, plus
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
4 large egg whites, at room temperature
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

2 cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pint fresh raspberries ( or Strawberries, blueberrie, or mixed

NOTE: You will need parchment paper for this recipe.


1.The night before serving, adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and heat oven to 500 degrees.

2.Line a Large lipped cookie sheet with parchment paper. Trace two side-by-side Circle – about 6 inches on the paper. Crumple the paper, then smooth it out again and line the bottom of the pan.

3.Whisk together confectioner’s sugar, 1/2 cup granulated sugar and cornstarch. Set aside.

4.In the bowl of a mixer, beat egg whites and cream of tartar until they turn from foamy to white and beaters just start to leave a trail. On low speed, add sugar mixture, a heaping tablespoon at a time. Increase speed to medium-high and beat to the consistency of marshmallow cream, 2 to 3 minutes longer.

5.Just before forming meringues, flick water onto parchment with fingertips. Divide meringue in half, spooning three or four mounds down each traced middle of circle… Use a rubber spatula, or a cake decorator’s metal offset spatula, to fill in and even out the circle.

6.Set meringues in oven, close door and turn oven off (but leave oven light on). Let meringues dry overnight. Remove, them carefully, set a wire rack or cookie sheet over meringues. Invert; peel off parchment and turn right side up. (It’s OK if edges chip.) Wrap in foil and set aside until ready to proceed.

7.No more than two hours before serving, whip cream to soft peaks, beating in remaining sugar and the vanilla. Set one meringue on a platter. Spread with half the cream and sprinkle on half the berries. Repeat with remaining meringue, cream and berries. Refrigerate, uncovered, until ready to serve.

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No bake Biscoff cookies


I love no bake cookies.. they require only the stove top..are quickly made..and taste great! My family loves them!
But the ever inspiring cookbook writter author inside me..likes to shake up a recipe when ever I can..

On a recent trip to Florida this past fall my son came across these cookies we had once enjoyed while living and traveling in Europe . We had forgot about them..and were thrilled he had the chance to enjoy them once again. .but this time he kept the wrapper..once back home..we quickly traveled to The World Market in Raleigh, NC..and came across packs of cookies..of which we snagged up several packages to take home..where we slowly endulged in them..daily with our hot tea and Coco..being careful to savor the moment.. after all we had not had them in over 9 years since traveling Europe..

Fast forward…a few weeks…shopping at our local Wally workd..when WHAT DO I SEE ON THE SHELF AMOUNG THE OREO’S AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS???
Our beloved Biscoff COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!! Thrilled, I quickly took a picture and sent it to my son.. which prompted an immediate phone call from him..Where are you he said! WAL MART! I laugh! OMG! Pick some I did..SCORE!!!
Continuing with my shopping with a little hop, skip and jump in my step..I went to pick up a jar of Jif peanut Butter..when low and behold look what I found!!

YES! Biscoff spread! I never knew they even made this stuff!! And how in the world would anyone know what this stuff is with never tasting it before??????? Well I wasn’t sure WHAT I was going to do with it.. but it was coming home with me !!!! I didn’t tell my son…I kept it a suprise..until I could figure out what to do with it..

Like I said.. I love no bakes..we all love today I decided to make my family No I was getting everything together..I noticed that jar of Biscoff Spread..Hummmmmm…. I wonder??? Could I? Dare I??? Oh yea.. I dare to do this.. so at 10:30 at night.. I began the journey of the Biscoff No bake Cookies.. Oh how glad I am !!!!!
I switched out the peanut butter..for the Biscoff spread.. and left out the chocolate.. I wanted the Biscoff Spread to be the star player in these cookies.. they are that good..that they don’t need the chocolate to be a star!!! And a Star they are!! OMG!!! If you have not tried Biscoff cookies and don’t walk to your local Wal Mart and pick these up! ( I have also picked them up at TJ MAX!…and Big Lots!)

Switch out your cookies and peanute butter for these NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! I assure you it will be a hit with family and friends.. ( Smashed up on ice cream! Use as a cookies crust for bar cookie, brownies and cheese cakes..spread some marshmellow creme in the middle of two cookies and make a new kind of Smores…use cookies crumbs on the side of a plain jane layer cake to elevate it to the next level…replace peanut butter for the biscoff spread in all your recipes…this cookies spread it out of this world! Warm it up and pour over ice cream, raisin bread pudding, on a bagel…make a grilled sandwhich with the spread..with marshmellow cream..OMG!

Can you tell, I dream about this stuff!!!!! Please do yourself a favor and give it a try!!! Here is the recipe!
<a href=””&gt;biscoff5

Biscoff NO Bakes
1/2 Cup While Milk
1 1/2 Cup sugar
1/2 Butter
dash of salt

place all ingredients in a heavy sauce pan. Bring to a slow boil..stirring constantly..once at a full boil that you can not stir down..start timing the boil for three minutes….
measure out 1 cup Biscoff… 2 Teaspoons of Good quality Madagascar Vanilla ( only the best will do) and 3 cups of quick cooking oat ( Quaker Oats only)

Once your timer goes off ( use the timer…or it will be over cooked!!! And your cookies will be me on the three minutes!) remove from the burner and add the biscoff spread and vanilla…stirring until the spread has completley melted..
then add the oats , a little at a time…and stir until completely mixed..drop my the wooden spoonful onto parchment paper…for easy clean up! Let set on parchment until complete set..about 30-35 minutes..if you can keep everyone, including your self..away that long!! The minute I can pick one up.. I am testing it!!!
These are a easy peasy pleaser! Make them today.. your family and friends will LOVE you for it!

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Homemade pancake syrup


Today I was in the mood for French Toast…so what’s the problem you say? Well I don’t have any pancake syrup! It’s on my list of things to buy at the grocery, when I go.. but the weather is soooo cold outside and I am stuff inside the last four days with this cold and cough.. but, I still have a hankering for French what is a girl to do?

Well…everytime I eat french toast, or pancakes.. I am taken back to my youth… when dad was cooking breakfast and we had NO syrup ..he made his own.. he grew up with homemade pancake syrup his mother made…from a recipe her mother made.. and now I am proud to say…I make and can! Now I can share my delious pancake syrup with those I love..thanks to my dad…who has passed…and I miss dearly…thank you Dad…I love you…

Pancake syrup that you make yourself is really easy peasy… and very tasty…in a pinch I made it ofter as a young mother.. but never made a large amount, nor tried to can it..that is until, today…


8 cups of sugar

2 cups brown sugar

3/4 cup of honey or Agave syrup

4 Cups water

2 Tab Real Vanilla

2 Tab Maple flavoring

pinch of salt ( if desired)

Place sugars and water into a heavy duty pot. Over low heat stirring constantly. Once sugar has disolved place lid on pot and let simmer for 4-5 not remove the lid..leave it alone(this will help with cystalization in the processed jars..even if it does crystalize don’t worry it does not hurt the finished product..just stir once you open the jar..)

Next, take off the lid..and stir ..let simmer for 15-20 minutes…remove from this point you can put into your sterlize jars..seal and water pack for 15 minutes..or the syrup is ready to use and you can put into your old pancake syrup jar..or other convente container and place in the frig..
* Option two: Instead of using the white can replace that completely with Agava syrup or honey..continue with the rest of the ingredients and directions.

I hope you enjoy providing homemade pancake syrup with you family…and make it a family tradition on a lazy Snow day…or other day worthy of pancakes and french toast!



* NOTE: If you do not have Agava syrup or honey , you do not have to add this. I think it helps it to pour more’s up to you

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Icebox Fruitcake


I am not a fruitcake fan.. there is one fruitcake I like from Texas..that is out of this world.. but it is a bit pricey! I get it for my mom every year for Christmas..but I wanted to create my own..
After looking through tons of recipes.. I combined a few to make this one..

1 can of condensed Milk ( not canned milk)
1 7 oz. jar of marshmallow cream

4 Cups Pecans
1 8 oz package chopped dates
1 8 oz jar of cherries
1 8 oz cranraisins
1 Cup of shredded coconut
1 cup mini chocolate chips
1 box of good quality graham crackers crushed
In saucepan heat milk and marshmallow cream..just until the marshmallow cream is mixed well into the not over cook…take off burner
add remainder of ingredients mixing well. you will have to use your hands at some point..if more liquid is need , use a little bit of the cherry juice..being careful not to use too much juice.
Now you can choose how you want to shape these.. I made 4 mini loaves, one small springform pan, and 24 mini fruitcakes ( from my mini muffin pan).. Be creative…plave into greased pans..cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for at least 24 hours!
These are soooo good!
People will not turn their nose up at these! They will be asking for more! Makes a great neighbor gift, teacher gift…and a wonderful addition to your cookie plate for the holidays~! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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This jelly makes me HAPPY! HAPPY! Yes I know that sounds silly.. but this is one of the BEST Jelly’s I have made to date! And it was soooo easy ! Anyone can do it! Even if you have never canned before you can do this!!!

It would make wonderful Christmas present’s! Now I have canned my shared of Jam’s and Jelly’s that’s for sure ..but this one takes the cake! It is a blueribbon winner if you ask me! The ease of this Jelly is crazy good!!
This recipe if from the University Of Georgia…So Easy to Preserve book! You can purchase the book on their website for $18.00 or at Amazon for like $34.
I am telling you anyone can make this!!!
Here is what you will need;
Two very large pots.. One is for processing the jars in, and one to sterlize the jars in…
one dozen half pint could use 4 oz jars too! ( Walmart has a canning section..check there!)
tongs or something to life the jars in and out of the water..
Towel Folded in half to lay on the counter top , to place your jars on once they are out of the canner
Liquid pectin.. again WalMart
Liquid Lemon Juice
6 oz frozen Orange Juice ( thawed)
I doubled this recipe.. and it made me 8 half pints amd 4 – 4 oz jars
I wanted to give this as I doubled it.. you may want to just make a regular batch..
Here we go!
Making Jams and Jellies
Orange Jelly
made from frozen concentrated juice
with liquid pectin

3¼ cups sugar
1 cup water
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 pouch liquid pectin
1 six-ounce can (¾ cup) frozen concentrated orange juice
Yield: About 4 or 5 half-pint jars

Please read Using Boiling Water Canners before beginning. If this is your first time canning, it is recommended that you read Principles of Home Canning.

Procedure: Sterilize canning jars and prepare two-piece canning lids according to manufacturer’s directions.

To make jelly. Stir the sugar into the water. Place on high heat and, stirring constantly, bring quickly to a full rolling boil that cannot be stirred down. Add lemon juice. Boil hard for 1 minute. Remove from heat. Stir in pectin. Add thawed concentrated orange juice and mix well.
Pour hot jelly immediately into hot, sterile jars, leaving ¼ inch headspace. Wipe rims of jars with a dampened clean paper towel; adjust two-piece metal canning lids. Process in a Boiling Water Canner.

Process for 5 min


This document was adapted from “How to Make Jellies, Jams and Preserves at Home.” Home and Garden Bulletin No. 56. Extension Service, United States Department of Agriculture. 1982 reprint. National Center for Home Food Preservation, June 2005.

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