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Getting spices organized

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Is the new year and new beginning and I really want to get organized this year ,so one of the things that I want to organize is my spices . like many of you I’m sure, my spices are in a basket and whenever I need one I have to dig through the whole basket to find whatever it is that I need and usually is the very last one that i touch…that i need!
so I browsed around on Pinterest and was able to find a couple of I neat ideas for spice storage…and today I went to Walmart and I purchased a over the door shoe rack fir $4.95. I put the shoe rack on the back of my pantry door and proceeded to fill it up with all my different spices
I was able to clear out two baskets of spices that I had under my counter .  I utilize the top and the bottom for spices that I don’t use it often …the middle rows are those spices  that I use  a lot !
each of the shoe holders will hold approximately 4 different bottles so if I end up getting more I still have plenty of room !
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, my spices are organized and easy to reach when I’m cooking and just steps away from the stove it will make it so much more convenient to use my spices… and on the upside I will also know when I’m out of something and need to replenish it.. I hope you like this tip. Give it a try and free up some space in a drawer or basket where you presently have them stored and enjoy using your spices again !


Cheers Beverly


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