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The excitement of the finished piece

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I get excited when I find something I want to chalk paint…I can look at a piece and envision it as something beautiful and new again.. that was the case  in this fireplace mantel.. I had seen it at a little second-hand store , hidden behind tons of furniture…it spoke to me… “take me home”…but I figured it more than likely wasn’t it that good of shape..or why else was it still here? These days fireplace mantels seem to be few and far between and when you do find one..they think they are GOLD and want a arm and a leg for I left it..

The next Saturday I went back to the same store..and there it was still hidden only behind even more junk this time.. again it called out to me… take me home..please please rescue me…it seemed to be saying… so this time I spoke up and said..How much is the fireplace mantel? For you dear…$25.00.. $25 I said..what’s wrong with it, I thought? I bet the bottom boards are rotten.. that won’t do me much good I thought.. so I left..

But something kept telling me to turn around a go back..and I did. The fireplace mantel, can you get it out for me , I said..are you going to take it, the man said? Yes, if the bottom boards are in good shape, I say.. they are fine..he said..after 20 minutes of moving things.. the fireplace was completely reveled to me for the first time… I have to tell you , it was love at first sight!! I had to contain my excitment..I figured he might ask for me, if I seemed to egar..$25 right? Yes  Dear …$25… it’s been here a long time.. I’ll cut you a break the old man said.. he put it in the back of my truck and we were off and running…no looking seemed to thank me..for taking it home…for both of us it was love at first sight!

Now painting it was another story.. I stood it up and tried to imagine it in a room…with Christmas stockings on it…candles and a big mirror..over it..oh how beautiful I thought…but what color.. I get tired of painting everything antique white.. although I know its in style I do love color…maybe RED , or how about green?

Somehow I couldn’t imagine those stocking on the mantel with those colors..,maybe a darker white more of a tan color then I could jazz it up with accessories…at any holiday..

So I pick out a tan color and mixed it to make my homemade Chalk Paint.. from the moment I slathered on the paint.. I didn’t like it.. maybe it will grow on me I thought.. nope not growing on me..yet I continued to paint.. all of it.. it was way darker than I liked.. not Country French at all..more of a brown than tan.. and the more it dried the darker it become. YEK! I’ve ruined it I thought to myself..UGH! This was the first thing I had painted that I didn’t like..I put away my supplies and went into the house.. thinking of how ugly the thing was.. I was sure it wished it was still underneath all that JUNK…so no one could see it…

The next day I tackled the mantel first thing in the morning.. I have to repaint it.. I can’t leave it like this.. so I grabbed my Antique white…made some homemade chalk paint.. and went to town repainting my piece…ok its white.. but I still don’t like it.. no charm at all I thought.. what’s a girl to do?

Hum…I sat in the chair in front of it and really stared at it..thinking of days gone past and how many people must of kept warm in front of that old mantel.. oh the stories it could tell….

I know.. I will antique it!!! With my “special concoction” and an old tshirt , I applied my antiquing…slowly…with purpose..inch by inch I covered each piece of wood….rubbing…and adding more..taking some off..and gently rubbing in circles…I began to get excitied as the beauty of it started to show..YES! This is what I imagined I said..

Carefully, slowly.. I worked the antiquing into my mantel..ever so gently..too much and it could ruin it.. I wanted charm… And CHARM is what I got!!!!!

I stood back and looked at my mantel..Beautiful I thought… Beautiful!

This is what I had in mind from the first time I laid eyes on it..oh the stories it will see in the years to come..I hope someone falls in love with it as I did… and cares for me.

Did I mention I love chalk painting? It brings out the beauty in a piece…the brown that I had but on it first came through when I distressed the piece…and some of the original white too…I love chalk painting!


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I have two blog they are about life..and what happens in the day to day living of it..somedays are filled with trial and error..other days are perfect..gotta take the good with the not so good..I have a love of all things..God,My Country, Family, friends , life..and new adventures! The second blog is a healthy life style and that journey getting there! Cheers! Beverly

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