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Homemade Chalk Paint vs Commercial Chalk Paint

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Chalk painting.. unless you live under a rock these days…just about everyone has heard of it..or seen it in use.. it’s the hottest thing on the market in paint right now..and rightly so..this stuff is like “magic” to those of us who paint furniture..and just about anything else.. there is no prep sanding…no nothing..just paint and go!!!!!!! I love it… I love it! I love it! Did I mention that I love chalk painting..????

Well , if you know about chalk painting then you know that it is a little bit pricey… for the commercial stuff…now although I believe it is worth the price…my pocket book says otherwise…and I love the commercial stuff..don’t get me wrong..but can the homemade stuff be just as good and a lot less money???

Well I used the “HOMEMADE CHALK PAINT” first… I have been painting up a storm with it.. some ( who shall remain nameless) Call me a painting fool…but I love it.. I love the look of it..the ease of it.. I just love it..

I am into the Shabby Chic.. Country French.. distressed look…love it.. and this is what you get with chalk paint..and its so easy… I am actually going to the Friday night auctions so I can get furniture to paint.. (yes most of mine in the house has already been PAINTED!!!)

When I learned of HOMEMADE CHALK PAINT I quickly jumped on the band wagon with it.. I ran, not walked to my local Lowe’s to hunt down the ingredients …which I have wrote about before.. this time I am getting into specifics…

I have spent hours..yes hours is correct…at the paint department looking over all of their paint choices… thinking of the piece I want to paint..where it is going to be used …and what color I want it to be..its like a child..when you give them a has to fit the child…and you know when you have that baby in your arms..and call out its name..if it “fits” the baby.. sometimes it doesn’t and you quickly change the name.. sometimes..its just right…I actually remember a woman who named her baby and two weeks later went and changed it…it just didn’t feel right she said.. she was born to be a Natalie..not a Debra…

To me, painting is like giving birth to a become one with the piece.. you give it lots of love and attention in getting it just right…you look at your new  piece..very carefully ..checking for imperfections..checking  for grooves..and markings..when I see a piece for the first time I get excited about it..running colors through my head…thinking of ways to make it special.. clear wax, dark wax? Two tone? One color or two? If you don’t like it just repaint…

And back to the paint.. I make my own.. the colors are endless for me.. I can mix and match all I want.. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with just the right color for my piece…but with so much talk about the commercial chalk paint.. I decided I better give it a try so I did..

Now I told myself  from the very beginning have to have an open mind about this paint… No  pre judging , so I set out to use some commercial paint.. I choose a beautiful pink color and used the commercial dark wax over turned out beautifully…

ImageI really like the way it came together with the color and the dark wax.. as far as the application of the chalk paint.. it took two coats for me to get the coverage I wanted.. Normally with the homemade chalk paint.. I only have to use one.  I thought the commercial chalk paint dried very quickly..more than the homemade chalk paint.. however that was not a good thing for me. I like to go back and cover any palaces that I might need to touch up . And the commercial chalk paint left brush marks when I did that, unlike my homemade chalk paint. I think the outcome was a beautiful piece. However the ease of it wasn’t happening with the commercial paint..the homemade chalk paint  is a much smoother..little thicker , better coverage paint. and I like that.. however there are people who swear by this paint. Some will argue the selection of colors are FANTASTIC..which I like them..but I just am creative enough to come up with my own beautiful colors..

So it comes down to $13 a sample..vs my homemade chalk paint at $2.89 a sample..or a commercial $38 quart..vs homemade $14.00…well the price wins…out.. not only the price wins..but the easy of the homemade paint going on my piece and coverage it gives me..out weighs it all…I’ve always been one to go off the beaten path and make my own..I’ve always been the one to do things just a little bit differently.. I’ve always been the one to do things my way….so I guess making my own Homemade Chalk Paint is what works best for can choose whats best for you..

Home made chalk paint projects below…



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