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EASY Crock pot pumpkin bread

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EASY crock pot pumpkin bread

I continue my quest to use my crock pot more…constanlly looking for new recipes and new ideals to try in my beloved crock pot…

Today I was brainstorming..and thinking pumpkin! I want to make something with canned pumpkin…maybe it was my new cinderella pumpkins that triggered the thought..

Cinderella Pumpkins

What ever the motivation was..this bread is to die for!!!!!!! And so very easy!!!! Mix it, put in the crock pot and walk away… let it do its stuff…and fill the room with the fragrant aroma of  pumpkin and spices!

Easy Crock pot Pumpkin Bread

1 can pumpkin ( not pie filling)

1/2 can evaporated milk

4 Tab cinnamon

3/4 C  Brown Sugar

2 eggs beaten

mix well… add 1 box of carrot cake mix and stir..

spray crock pot with cooking spray…and let heat up for 10 minutes…then put batter into the crockpot….place a tea towel over top..and secure with lid.

( so the moisture won’t gather on the lid and wet the top of the bread)

set on low for 1 1/2 hours. depending on your crock pot. check on it and when a tooth pick comes out clean it is done.. don’t let it over cook.

This pumpkin bread  is very moist…and so delicious…we loved it..the loaf will be round or the shape of your can cut it in wedges or slices…your choice

Easy Crock pot pumpkin bread…


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