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Little Plastic…Wall Curio painted with Chalk paint

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Little black wall curio

I found this little gem turned out not to be as big as I thought it was..but I still liked the “bones” of it.. and the fact I got the chance to Recycle something..was a plus for me..

I didn’t like the color right from the start. I wasn’t sure you could chalk paint plastic…but after reading you can chalk paint anything!  I knew I wanted to paint it red..but red is a very hard color to get. Most reds are more “pink” and I don’t like it.

So I made a trip to Home Depot and scanned their selections of paint. You know they will give you a sample of any of the paint for like $2.89! It’s worth every penny..! You know how you hate it when you buy that big gallon size can of paint and get home and hate it on the wall! Well this way you don’t have to!

I looked and looked and looked even more at all the REDS! So many little time..sorry ! Any way I decided on Martha Stewart RED Barn.. it looks red..not pink..however when she made the sample it looked more “pink”…with my red/pink to the house to try it out..

Now when I first started putting this on. I thought oh no! PINK! But I kept going..


looking “PINK”

I know Pink, right? Well I let it dry and put on another coat..and another..and one more…still looked pink to me.. so I let it dry all night long, I figured I’d sleep on it..and hope it got darker by morning.


Lovin the RED!

and get darker it did!!!! Thank Goodness!!!!!!! I love the color! Love it!!! I added a wax to it once it had dried. It now shines! And all it took was my sample for $2.89! Yes I mixed it with my “magic” stuff…and made chalk paint out of it.. After all you can chalk paint anything!!! I love this color so much I am going to paint a table with it! Although it took several coats , I really think it’s because I had made chalk paint out of it. If I had just used it straight I think it would of only taken a couple coats.

So Here it is on the wall and field with our collections of tiny little British houses…I think it looks wonderful!


All done and on the wall!


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