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Quick & Easy Apple Bread Pudding!

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Today I was in the mood for something a little special..for dessert… I didn’t feel like making a full blown dessert..just something for one..maybe two…but what? I’ve read about the cake in a cup you do in the microwave..but it calls for angel food cake mix..and I don’t have one..I could make little apple pies..but I only want one.. rice pudding..? no….I’d love to have some bread pudding but I don’t want a whole bunch of it.. that I will have to eat for the next week…I just want a little of it…hummm.. so I put my thinking cap on and went to the kitchen…and this is what I came up with!!!!!!!

 Quick & Easy Apple bread pudding!!!!!!

( You could use what ever fruit you have..I had apple)

first I took 3 Tab butter and melted in the microwave

To this I add 2 Tab Brown sugar Splenda

a dash of vanilla

6 Tab canned milk ( you can use regular)

1 egg beaten

3 Tab Cinnamon 

mix well and add 1/4 apple pie filling ( you could use any other pie filling you like)

next I took 3 pieces of day old bread and broke it into pieces into the bowl. Then I gently pressed this into the custard mixture making sure all pieces of bread were coated. Let it soak in a little..

Next I cooked it in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes…check often to make sure it is not over cooked, All microwave’s  are don’t want any liquid left. But you don’t want it dry either

Remove and let set for one minute. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cram or a dash of cream…or cool whip.

Eat right away… this was enough for two people..cut recipe in half for one.


Applesauce ( instead of pie filling)

1/4 Cup frozen or fresh berries


Nuts chopped

Cherry Pie filling

Endless possibilities!

I hope you give it a try…and come up with you own..flavor of Bread pudding! ENJOY!

Apple Bread Pudding


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