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Chalk Painting On Furniture

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Ok , I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted..and yes..I have been busy but that’s no excuse! Well maybe a little …you see I went on a wonderful New York City!!!!!!! And all because I was on The show Good Afternoon America!!!!!! But more about that trip later..but know that the inspiration for these painting projects..came from Lara and her fantastic book ” I brake for yard sales”!

So I decided that I needed a new hobby., You know one that Maybe I could make some money from. One that would get me up and moving..what does that have to do about anything Beverly, you ask? Well stay with me here..and I will tell you.

I love a good yard sale.. boot sale, estate sale,thrift store know what I am talking about.. someone elses junk is about to become my new “treasure”!

I love looking at something through a different pair of “eyes”…I like looking at that rustic piece of furniture that looks a little worse for wear and see a brand new ‘show” piece !

Sometimes when I share my excitement for a new piece  I’ve purchased , others look at me..with a deer in the headlite look and don’t get it..your going to do what with that? Hummm..they just don’t get it!

One of my least favorite things to do in the whole world is to paint. Right up there with wall papering! But sometimes you just have to do it..

So I surprised even myself when my latest and greatest new adventure of an  “ideal” of a new hobby for myself, turned out to be transforming old beat up , unloved pieces of furniture into beautiful pieces of loving painted furniture that anyone would gladly display in their home.

Are you frikin crazy girl! You hate to paint..hey its an adventure..come on…try it I thought to myself…just look at these pieces on pinterest people are doing make overs on…and after all Lara Spencer does it..She’s even wrote a book on it!

So I set put on my new adventure..with high hopes..and uncharted territory..for myself..but quickly found millions of examples on pinterest!

Chalk paint..chalk paint ..chalk paint.. what is all this chatter about chalk looks pretty ..but what is it..well I quickly found out it is the hottest thing in paint right now..! Came over here from England..and everyone is talking about it..but try to go to your local home improvement store and buy can’t. There are only a few places that are “stockist” ..meaning that they  are carrying this amazing Miracle paint..and yes you guessed it…it’s just a tad pit pricey. Around $36 a quart..but before you get you’re knickers all in a wad…I read that this paint  goes a long way….people claim that you can paint 10-11 pieces of furniture with one can. And the colors are out of this world!

So I ventured out on the internet to find out who my local “stockist “might be..and low an behold I found one 60 miles away. after a quick call to the “stockist” she verified the cost..

Now I’m not a cheapscape at all.. really I’m not.. heck I’ve been known to plop down some bucks at Michael’s on craft supplies. ( ok the store manager calls me her best customer) but it just seems a little pricey for me. So being the resourceful person that I am..( and after a quick “google” search..I found several “make your own ” recipes for chalk paint.

So after much “research” into the making of this stuff, I set out to make my own.

Now this is where I would like to tell you, I had to find a unimagainable amount of ingredients that were the liking to finding “eye  of newt” for a magic potion..but really it was quit simple..three ingredients.. One of which is in I would guess just about every American house hold. Water.. The hardest part is figuring out what paint color you are going to use..

The third ingredient was sitting on a shelf in a hefty bag at my local Lowes…

with paint and hefty bag in tow.. I came home to make my own Chalk Paint!

Now grab yourself a nice cold beverage of choice and turn off the phone..and put on some “working” music..and get ready to spend the next five minutes..making paint.. yes people five minutes is all it took. If even that..

What I would mention here, is have your piece you are going to paint..prepared and ready to paint, but them again..there isn’t really any prepping to do.. no stripping…heck just get out your piece to paint out and set it up where ever you choose to paint.. throw down a drop cloth so clean up is easy.( I never spilled one drop) and make sure your piece is “clean”.

So take one cup of paint..and Put it in a container big enough to stir the mixture. I used a throw away container. Add two heaping Tablespoons of unsanded grout ( that’s the magic stuff!) and mix. It will be very thick..don’t worry…here comes the stuff in almost every American household..water..add just enough water to make it so you can easily brush it onto your piece of furniture. It’s like making just know when its the right “feel”. Do be careful not to add too much or it will be way to watery ( is that even a word?) And I say this from experience folks!

Now paint away… you will be surprised how far this stuff goes…I opted to do two coats. But it’s up to you how many.. were going for shabby chic look..distressed look…so I used two coats..letting it dry in between.

then the fun starts…you take a sanding sponge and distress…to your likeing..its like frikin magic people.. the chalk paint comes off really easy so you get that distressed look.. I LOVE IT! Did I mention I love this stuff!

FAIR WARING….its will want to paint everything in your house, your neighbors house…everyone you know !  It’s fun!! It’s easy! And you will “LIKE” doing it..don’t pay high prices for “someone” else to do this to your stuff…ITS FUN!

Now there is another step to this.. after you are done distressing it need to put a finishing wax all over it..but this is easy too..don’t sweat it….just apply to your piece after you done distressing it ..and wiping  it down to get any “chalk” dust off …and then let it dry for 24 hours! That’s it..a beautiful piece.. below you will find my first two pieces…hope you like them as much as I do!

Leave me any questions you might have..and I will get back to you..

After chalk paint

Before chalk paint



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