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remember this

Asthma..remember you don’t want this.

Today as I was taking my asthma breathing treatment. I snapped a picture.. why you might ask.. because this is a low for me.. I wanted to see myself and what I looked like with that mask on.. I wanted to see where I was.. because I want to remember this moment and I don’t want it anymore..
Lets face it.. my weight could very well be a motivating factor in this asthma thing.. I had never had it before.. is it now something I am going to continue to have to deal with because of the weight.. Well I can tell you right now I don’t want to .. I don’t like it. I have to change it.. this is not the person I am.. I don’t like who I am becoming.. I don’t want to be one of those fat old ladies in a hovaround attached to a breathing machine..going around doing her shopping.. and everyone saying and pointing look at that fat lady .. that’s not who I am.. now let me say I am not knocking those who are in that position and no one knows the reasons why they are where they are today.. Maybe it just couldn’t be helped..and for those I am sorry.. But this is one chick who is going to do everything in her power to not be that person..because that is not where I want to be.. I want to enjoy like not just be.. I want to share in the joys and fun going on around me.. at 56 I want to go on the roller coaster and scream to the top of my lungs..I want to enjoy my Golden years.. not hate them. I am not going to just sit around and wait to die.. that’s not who I am..
Today was the first complete day of my Healthy life style changes.. and it went well.. its hot here and I am still sick with this asthma thing..but I didn’t let it get me down.. I even took Maddie for a bit of a stroll down our street.. even if it wasn’t far.. it was a start.. and tomorrow I will go further. and the next day a little more.. until I make it clear around the block…
My eating was good.. actually I should have ate more. .I’m just not hungry right now.. and I can afford to lose..
But what I did eat was good ..egg for breakfast..a protein drink for lunch…with triple berry blend.. and dinner was a low carb burger..I am going to finish with fresh-cut orange slices.. I forgot how much I love those…so I drank lots of water..and more water and did I mention I drank water today.. no soda..humm. I’m ok with that..
as I continue on this healthy life style change I am trying to learn how whole foods..fiber and the whole fresh foods concept..
which brings me to is costly to eat fresh..
whats up with that..? I went to Wally world today and was shocked at the price of fresh fruits and vegies.. I can by frozen cheaper.. but I don’t want frozen.. or canned.. I want fresh.. I will be making a trip to the farmers market Saturday… pick up the fresh fruit and vegies for the week..and I will plan my menus around what they have..
do you realize that if you don’t put anything “packaged” in your cart at the grocery don’t need to go down 3/4 of the isles…just hit the outside ones..cause everything in the middle is packaged..I never realized that before.. guess I just took it for granted that what was ever on the shelf was good for me.. wrong..
eating clean..eating freash and no packaged is going to be better and healthier for me , no doubt.. but it is also going to take some creative thought on my part to come up with some good recipes…
I am trying to think back to my grandmas cooking.. fresh green beans from the garden cooked slow all day long.. heck I could make a meal out of those! And running to the garden to pick fresh tomatoes , then grandma slicing them up..and serving them..all by themselves…and then there was the trips by bike to Weiants greenhouse to pick up some fresh off the vine cucumbers for supper that my mom would slice and put in vinegaer..yummo! More vegies..that’s what we need..more vegies..I think I would like a green grow vegetables all year long..humm wonder if that is doable here in North Carolina..will have to look that up!
You can change your life style to help you get healthy.. it may not be easy..but its doable…planning is all it takes.. lots of planning.. and weekly and semi weekly shopping.. I want to shop like the Europeans.. almost daily.. picking up fresh ingredients..without perserves in them.. I miss that about England.. farmers had little carts on the yard for you to purchase fresh from their gardens.. on the honor could drive by a farm and free rage eggs would be out by the mail box..for you liking.. and then there was our neighbor who butchered his lamb himself and would sell it to us USDA there!! I ate well in England.. and I didn’t get fat.. we ate very little fast food..( ok we did eat the fish and Chips..but how couldn’t you! ) things were leasiurly..naps taken..walks through beautiful English gardens.. time spent enjoying the beauty of nature..a slower time..a healthier one.. I have memories of time past to draw up on to help me live a healthier life style right here in the here and now.. I just have to lean on those memories more..and less of the ones with me with the breathing mask on my face.. fighting for my next breathe..I am slowing life.. I am simplifying things..that way I may live to enjoy it all…


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I have two blog they are about life..and what happens in the day to day living of it..somedays are filled with trial and error..other days are perfect..gotta take the good with the not so good..I have a love of all things..God,My Country, Family, friends , life..and new adventures! The second blog is a healthy life style and that journey getting there! Cheers! Beverly

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