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Good and Bad days

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Let’s face it isn’t always least for me it isn’t.. I have good days and bad days.. and sometimes those bad days turn into a week.. but after that I have a good talking to myself..and set myself straight again.. One week is enough bad time for anyone!!!

So lets explore what makes a “bad” week.  For me it’s anything that takes me off my schedule..a unplanned change from my normal “daily routine”. Now I am not a hour by hour girl..but I do have a simple routine that I go through just about each day.. I am not a morning person at all. I love to “sleep in”. I wake slowly, tuning on the TV in my bedroom to catch the rest of Good Morning America…love me some Lara ,Robin,Josh and Sam…then I roll out of bed..for a trip to the bathroom…get dress..while still watching GMA..and then I stroll into the kitchen for a High Protein drink..or eggs…and then walk Maddie for about 20 minutes..after that I attack my “to do” list..for the day…stopping to eat lunch..continue with my list..prepare supper…eat…clean up TV.shower…get on the computer and  Blog, connect with friends..and spend a little time roaming Pinterest..before getting to a little late night TV and starting all over again ….tomorrow…

Now..throw in overnight guests..who get up at the crack of dawn…who make noises in the bathroom next to your bedroom..all hours of the night..throw in entertaining those guests..feeding them three meals a day.. having them hang out all day long with you.. and you get a “whacked” day! Or in my case 10 of those days.. now don’t get me wrong.. I love guest ..from back home..especially family..but it does “change” your routine…and this is especially true when your routines are sooo different.. And I know it’s only 10 days.. but if it catches you off guard..well.. it can wreck your meal life style..

Believe me I am not exempt…from breaking down …temptation is all around me..In my head I tell myself this visit isn’t going to make one difference in what I eat.. or how I react to food..

But it did..

And it is only now that I realize that I am a emotional eater..I let others influence my food choices.. I listen to their voices when they say oh come won’t hurt you.. I fail at this..badly…for about 6 of the 10 days..

Why? Why am I not able to stand up for myself and stick with my plan of attack.. why do I give it? Is it just easier? Yes it’s easier than having to explain for the millionth time..why I can’t eat at the place they choose.. its easier than having to listen to the complaints too..

I am not proud of the fact that I slide a little..,maybe I’m being too hard on myself..The olive Garden was a bad choice..low carb there is almost out of the question..with the exception of the salad..and if I had just had the salad that would of been fine.. but the relentless calling of the bread sticks was just too much for even me…

so I ate one.. big deal..quit hitting myself over the head..over it.. pick yourself up and move on..I did ok..but not great..great would of been stopping at the salad..

another day I ate rice.. ok..that was the only carb for the whole day.. so what..pick up and move on..

Someone shared this analogy with me once..

If your driving down the road and you get a flat don’t pull over and say “well one tire is flat ..I have to flatten the other three”! No you fix the flat and then go on about you way..

So why when we eat something were not suppose to , do we then tell ourselves..oh well i guess I might as well eat this and this.. I already went off the diet…

we should STOP and think ..ok..we ate this.. but we are going to get right back where we want to be with food and not eat anything else were not suppose to…

and to a point I was at least able to do this.. any other time I would of just blown the whole week.. but I didn’t.. I stopped with one garlic stick…and moved on..

Isn’t that what learning a new food life style is all about.. learning to balance what you are eating..? I think I did that well. Even though my first plan of attack was to not eat anything I shouldn’t..I failed at that.. But I am proud I was able to keep the other three tires inflated!

What did I learn.. I learn that I have to be able to adapt my ways.. when company comes I believe I need to seek out places for me to take them to eat..listing several choices..and knowing what I can have at those places..I need to change my arrangements ,even though I am not a morning person for the time that company is here.. I need to allow myself some free space …and I need to plan the meals I prepare at home..

Is that a fool proof plan? No, there will always be things thrown my way…but one thing is for sure.. I know I can stay in control and I can get back on track…right away..saving the other three tires from getting flat.. and for me.. that’s a big deal!



Author: frombeverlysfrontporch

I have two blog they are about life..and what happens in the day to day living of it..somedays are filled with trial and error..other days are perfect..gotta take the good with the not so good..I have a love of all things..God,My Country, Family, friends , life..and new adventures! The second blog is a healthy life style and that journey getting there! Cheers! Beverly

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