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Low carb Iced coffee

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These days top into any fast food establishment and you will find they are all so-called “experts ” on  gourmet coffee making..and yes, America is drinking it up…whats more American than Coffee!!! After all coffee has Zero calories.. it’s the drink of choice to get our day started and to keep it going! Some people can’t even talk to anyone..before their morning coffee….

Many think , wow.. I’ll just have a coffee…no donut or pastry for me.. and you can keep the egg biscuit.. I’m going to be good!! All I need is COFFEE!

Wake up America…. have you looked at the caloric counts in your coffee lately? Leave it up to America to take something with Zero calories and transform it in to a high calorie , sugar filled drink…

According to McDonald’s Nutrition guide ( google it) you can pick up a Iced Mocha  22 oz size for a whopping 390 Calories! It has 33 grams of sugar!  57 carbs!A Iced Mocha with Non fat milk comes in at a whopping 340 Calories…( 48 grams of sugar) 58 Carbs. Now this is Coffee we are talking about! Something that starts with ZERO calories!!!! If you really what your sugar rush in the form of a drink try McDonald’s Frappe Mocha Large, again 22 ounces..but a whopping  680 Calories and 87 grams of sugar!!!!!!!! 96 carbs!

 Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!Come on people…wake up..our coffee is making us fatter!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not just picking on Mcdonalds..all of our fast foods chains are servings these sugar filled drinks now…so stop telling yourself you are being good… drinking coffee…cause your not..And If this is a daily habit you have bet is your jeans have increased a size or two!! So here before you is my Delicious recipe for Low Carb Iced Coffee.. it took all of about 45 seconds for me to whip up.. and its every bit as good as the sugar ones out there..

I took five  heaping tab of instant coffee..and put it in 3/4 cup  of HOT water and stirred it well…( you can make it stronger or weaker  if you like) then I took one scoop of Jillian Michael’s vanilla protein and put it in the blender…added 4 TAB of half and half…..then I added about 1/2 cup of cold water and the mixed coffee…and 1 package of Splenda…whirled it around to mix.. and poured it over ice….presto…my Low Carb Iced coffee!!!!!!!!! Total carb count…2 for the half & Half and 4 for the protein.. total 6 carbs.. calorie count is : 80 for half and half and 100 for protein.. for a total of 180 calores..with 5 grams of sugar! keep in mind that with MY coffee.. you are getting 15 grams of protein.. if you make it with out the protein.. it would be 2 carbs  for half and half and 80 calories…2 grams of sugar…

Which do you want in your body?

As always Bon APPETIT



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I have two blog they are about life..and what happens in the day to day living of it..somedays are filled with trial and error..other days are perfect..gotta take the good with the not so good..I have a love of all things..God,My Country, Family, friends , life..and new adventures! The second blog is a healthy life style and that journey getting there! Cheers! Beverly

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