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Low Carb Parmesan Chicken with mushroom gravy

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Low Carb Parmesan Chicken with mushroom gravy

I have found that sometimes life doesn’t have to be planned… although I must admit …I am a planner.. I love to plan weeks in advance for a trip…and I am a meal planner.. Of late. I want to know that I have all the necessities to put together our healthy meals without making a dozen trips for groceries in the week..

But sometimes an impromptu dinner can be one of the most enjoyable. Take today for instance. I am busy cleaning, packing (planning for my trip to OHIO) and decorating the living room after having a new wood floor installed. So although I had laid out the chicken breast.. I really didn’t think about how I was going to prepare it tonight..

Before I knew it the day had flown by and I needed to do something with this chicken.. Low carbing at times can be a bit boring at first..Until you learn to be creative with what ingredients you are able to use.

Chicken, it’s a staple on a low carb diet.. We cooks need to know one million ways to serve it.. And sometimes even ways to disguise it so the family isn’t saying “chicken again”! And I felt I needed to come up with a hum ding-er tonight..Day 5 of low carbing it for my son Mike…he was getting “tired” of all this chicken..And missing his bread and potatoes …I looked through my pantry and found something we had fallen in love with from our days when we lived in England…how sweet would this  be. if I was able to use it…. I almost broke into the “Happy” dance when I saw that it only had 3 carbs for 1 1/2 tsp….Let me see if I put in 6 tsp that will be 12 carbs…for the whole meal..( which ended up being enough for 4 meals..So that is 3 carbs per meal)

So Parmesan Chicken with mushroom gravy was born!!!!!!!!!! It was a hit I tell you… a hit!!!! I even got asked by my son, if I was was sure he could eat this.. Was I trying to “trick” him? He ate it all!!!!!!! Along with some grilled asparagus (frozen in a bag all ready grilled from Trader Joe’s) and a large side salad.. With Jell-O for dessert! He asked if he could take the left overs for lunch tomorrow.. !!! And to please write down the recipe and put it in my book. So I wouldn’t forget how I made it ! LOL! Ok I have been known to forget just how I did a recipe before! So here I am writing it down for all to enjoy…and I am going to share with you the secret ingredient for the gravy!



The best ever Low Carb gravy!



This stuff is “GOLD” my friends.. Gold I tell you.. The possibilities are endless in what you can make with it.. It comes in Beef, Chicken and Curry flavors.. And the only place I have been able to purchase it here in the US is THE WORLD MARKET… I believe you can order it on their web site…its like maybe ,$4.98  a can..And it is worth every penny believe me!!!  RUN don’t walk to you nearest WORLD MARKET!!! And pick up some today!!!
OK here’s the recipe for

 Parmesan Chicken with mushroom gravy

4 chicken breast

one cup of mushrooms sliced

1/2 cup sweet onions

4 tab chopped garlic

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese (like you put on top of spaghetti in the green can)

First I put olive oil in a cast iron pan and sautéed the onion, mushroom and garlic set aside

Next I coated the chicken pieces in the Parmesan cheese and placed on a grilled with medium heat… sprayed with Pam spray.

After getting the chicken golden brown on one side I flipped the chicken over to brown the other side.. And cooked until done.

Meanwhile I took my pan with the mushrooms, onions and garlic and turned the heat back on low.. In a 2 Cup measuring cup I poured 1 1/2 cups of HOT water…then I added to that 6 Tsp of my ahhhh Bistro.

Stir until dissolved and pour directly into the pan over the stove with the mushroom mixture.. Stirring constantly… it will thicken very quickly.. Once thickened I transferred the cooked chicken into the pan, spooning the gravy over the top of the chicken..I let cook another 5 minutes before serving.. NOTE: If the gravy gets too thick just add a little HOT water…and stir again.. This made enough for four servings.. The gravy carbs total  is 12 carbs divide that by 4 and each serving of gravy has 3 carbs… the best three carbs you will ever eat!! I hope you will try this and share it With others on low carb ,please link back to me if you use my recipe…Thank You…BON APPETIT …see Hazel’s Granddaughter can cook!


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