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Eye Opener

Once in a while I can really use something I have seen on TV.. And if I am really lucky , I see something that really has meaning..and maybe even change my life..from TV..
is that possible you ask? From TV…
now I realize that our TV channels are full of reality TV shows..comedy shows and goodness knows there are 101 things on the Discovery and History channels..but can you really USE something that you’ve seen on TV???

At 56 years old..I have to say that this week I did see something on TV that has been life altering for me..
It was on GOOD MORNING AMERICA.. yes our loved morning talk show..I was flipping through the channels when I saw they were going to have a couple on  that had lost over 100 pounds.. sounds interesting I I stayed and watched the commercial…leading into the story…
The couple talked about how they decided to go together and have surgery to their stomachs so they could lose weight.. nothing else had ever worked before so they choose this option..
I thought oh dear another Bypass surgery.. you know I am not keen on that surgery.. I have seen the good and the bad come of it.. lets just say.. it’s a no for me..
which doesn’t mean that its can’t be perfectly fine for the next gal or guy.. just not me..
And I am going to say..never say never.. if you know what I mean..
disappointed that it was about yet another BYPASS surgery that the weight was coming off…I almost turned it..but OH how glad I am that I didn’t…
You see it was what the woman said…that made me STOP AND THINK..
When asked why they choose the surgery.. she know we had both been talking with our Doctor about losing was so hard for us..
we just couldn’t seem to do it.. when she said..the Doctor looked at her and said..
“just how many morbily Obese people do you see living over 60?” That changed their minds and they had the surgery..
IT has changed mine too.. OMG! They are right.. look around you.. oh you see fat people everywhere but not OLD morbidly Obese people that old.. WHY? Because they DIE a young age!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I said it.. THEY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And its true..their bodies just can’t hold on anymore..
I tell you it stopped me in my tracks..OMG!!!!!!!! I’m 56..and running out of time.. I shall do this.. I shall win at this battle..if its the last thing I do on this earth.. every time I am tempted to eat something not good for me.. I am going to think about what that Doctor said.. How many morbily Obese people do you see over 60? Think about it.. I did…

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Good and Bad days

Let’s face it isn’t always least for me it isn’t.. I have good days and bad days.. and sometimes those bad days turn into a week.. but after that I have a good talking to myself..and set myself straight again.. One week is enough bad time for anyone!!!

So lets explore what makes a “bad” week.  For me it’s anything that takes me off my schedule..a unplanned change from my normal “daily routine”. Now I am not a hour by hour girl..but I do have a simple routine that I go through just about each day.. I am not a morning person at all. I love to “sleep in”. I wake slowly, tuning on the TV in my bedroom to catch the rest of Good Morning America…love me some Lara ,Robin,Josh and Sam…then I roll out of bed..for a trip to the bathroom…get dress..while still watching GMA..and then I stroll into the kitchen for a High Protein drink..or eggs…and then walk Maddie for about 20 minutes..after that I attack my “to do” list..for the day…stopping to eat lunch..continue with my list..prepare supper…eat…clean up TV.shower…get on the computer and  Blog, connect with friends..and spend a little time roaming Pinterest..before getting to a little late night TV and starting all over again ….tomorrow…

Now..throw in overnight guests..who get up at the crack of dawn…who make noises in the bathroom next to your bedroom..all hours of the night..throw in entertaining those guests..feeding them three meals a day.. having them hang out all day long with you.. and you get a “whacked” day! Or in my case 10 of those days.. now don’t get me wrong.. I love guest ..from back home..especially family..but it does “change” your routine…and this is especially true when your routines are sooo different.. And I know it’s only 10 days.. but if it catches you off guard..well.. it can wreck your meal life style..

Believe me I am not exempt…from breaking down …temptation is all around me..In my head I tell myself this visit isn’t going to make one difference in what I eat.. or how I react to food..

But it did..

And it is only now that I realize that I am a emotional eater..I let others influence my food choices.. I listen to their voices when they say oh come won’t hurt you.. I fail at this..badly…for about 6 of the 10 days..

Why? Why am I not able to stand up for myself and stick with my plan of attack.. why do I give it? Is it just easier? Yes it’s easier than having to explain for the millionth time..why I can’t eat at the place they choose.. its easier than having to listen to the complaints too..

I am not proud of the fact that I slide a little..,maybe I’m being too hard on myself..The olive Garden was a bad choice..low carb there is almost out of the question..with the exception of the salad..and if I had just had the salad that would of been fine.. but the relentless calling of the bread sticks was just too much for even me…

so I ate one.. big deal..quit hitting myself over the head..over it.. pick yourself up and move on..I did ok..but not great..great would of been stopping at the salad..

another day I ate rice.. ok..that was the only carb for the whole day.. so what..pick up and move on..

Someone shared this analogy with me once..

If your driving down the road and you get a flat don’t pull over and say “well one tire is flat ..I have to flatten the other three”! No you fix the flat and then go on about you way..

So why when we eat something were not suppose to , do we then tell ourselves..oh well i guess I might as well eat this and this.. I already went off the diet…

we should STOP and think ..ok..we ate this.. but we are going to get right back where we want to be with food and not eat anything else were not suppose to…

and to a point I was at least able to do this.. any other time I would of just blown the whole week.. but I didn’t.. I stopped with one garlic stick…and moved on..

Isn’t that what learning a new food life style is all about.. learning to balance what you are eating..? I think I did that well. Even though my first plan of attack was to not eat anything I shouldn’t..I failed at that.. But I am proud I was able to keep the other three tires inflated!

What did I learn.. I learn that I have to be able to adapt my ways.. when company comes I believe I need to seek out places for me to take them to eat..listing several choices..and knowing what I can have at those places..I need to change my arrangements ,even though I am not a morning person for the time that company is here.. I need to allow myself some free space …and I need to plan the meals I prepare at home..

Is that a fool proof plan? No, there will always be things thrown my way…but one thing is for sure.. I know I can stay in control and I can get back on track…right away..saving the other three tires from getting flat.. and for me.. that’s a big deal!


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THE ZONE!!!!!!!!!!

As  I set down to write this blog today , I wasn’t sure how to put into words the way I’s difficult to express sometimes.. you know that inter-feeling that feels so wonderful you want to share it.. you want everyone who has ever tried to succeed in weight loss to feel it.. you know that “runner’s high”….so to speak.. I call it being in the  “ZONE” …when you get in the “ZONE” …you know it…you feel it…and you never want it to must do everything you can to “protect” it..cause if you lose the “ZONE” you know  it may be YEARS before you find it again…trust me I know… I’ve held the “ZONE” close before..more than once.. but it’s almost like “all of nothing”….either I am in the “ZONE” or I have a black cloud hanging over my in-between does that make sense?

Let me try to explain..when your have this bleak out look on just about everything.. Oh you have moments of grander..but in your mind things are slowly lose interest..slowly stop caring about fall deeper into this bottomless pit , that you feel you will never get out of.. some of you may say “hey that’s depression.. ” and maybe it partly is.. but I think it’s more..It’s a cross between depression and self pity? By that I mean we can talk ourselves into feeling sorry for ourselves , our situation..I’m fat.. “I’m never going to get a good job”… I can’t get a date…”it’s because I’m fat:.. poor me… “I want what they have.. but I will never have it”.. cause I’m fat..”why do all the cute skinny people have the most interesting lives..unlike us fat people..” it goes on and on and if you listen to those voices in your head.. it will take you down that deep dark path..with little chance of no return…. on the flip side of this.. which is why I don’t see it as depression so much.. we have moments of denial..moments when we know we want the dating scene…the relationship. but tell ourselves .”.I just can’t find the right person..”. “I could have all that… but I just don’ t want work to be my life”… we make excuses…so depending on what our days is like.. depends on if we are living in denial or if were living in the world of no return.. which in reality both are denial stages if you look at it.. 

NO matter which world your living in… YOU and YOU only have the power to change it…yes I will say it again.. YOU and only YOU can change you situation right now….taking that first step is what it is all about… you have to go out of your comfort zone and make the first move..the first change towards you new goal…it may be you want  to lose weight, maybe change jobs, go back to school, get out of a bad  relationship..what ever it is .. YOU have the POWER to change it…

For me,,, I am UN- happy with my life.. at 56 I am laid off…drawing with my son ( for which ( am grateful) with no relationship…for the first time in my life..and worried about my future and retirement..

So after pondering it about for way too long.. I decided that I needed to devise a plan.. where did I want to be in say 4 years , when I I’m 60…in 10 years when I’m 66? I wasn’t sure of the answer except for one thing..I wanted it to be different than it is right now.. Don’t get me wrong..My children mean the world to me.. I am grateful for my son’s help..but he shouldn’t have to be helping me.. yes I do  help out.. with the money I receive.. And I am blessed that I truly have no debt but living expenses ( being debt free was something I worked hard on after my divorce…).. but I’m not ready to throw in the towel on life ..I am ready for the newest best chapter in my start! I love adventure..I thrive on it.. yet these days..the most adventure I get is going to Sam’s Club and seeing what’s new! I need more.. I want more..I want my life to be filled with adventure.. I want to be self sufficient..I want a relationship..someone to do things with.. someone to share life with…so I need to do something about making that happen..

My first step is changing my life style.. making better , healthier choices..getting fit..and healthy.. because with out gaining control of my life.. no adventures are ever going to happen from the view on the couch…

So we finally get back to the “ZONE” ..this is how you feel inside… it’s all of the eating right.. exercise.. losing the pounds…making you feel better “ZONE”…. and it doesn’t come after you get your weight off… it comes quickly… you will notice it.. you will feel it.. you will see and feel the change in your self…it usually finds you in the first month of making significant changes.. your body is moving more.. your exercising.. you feel lighter..your skin has a glow..clothes are starting to get too big…your looking in the mirror and your starting to see a difference..its not so hard to stick with your new lifestyle.. its becoming “easier”…your happier…you smile more… you laugh…this is the “ZONE” ! And when you feel it.. and see it… you will know…and when you do…PROTECT it…CHERISH it ! DO NOT lose it…because if you lose it.. you go back to your old stop caring again..and the weight will come back…DON’T let that happen!!!  Be very vigilant…stay the course.. do what you have to encourage yourself to stay on the “ZONE” path.. beause it is so much better than that dark one…

I have been in the “ZONE” about three weeks now.. but today for the first time.. I saw my son…looking like he is in the “ZONE”.….I haven’t asked yet..for he is only in his new lifestyle a week now.. but I see it.. for the last three days.. he has done things around the house inside and out.. that have needed to be done for months…usually after his 10-12 hours work days he’s too tired to do anything..but he has been working up a storm around here… and he gets excited telling me about his work day…  and how he didn’t eat anything he wasn’t suppose to.. with each day he succeeds at this.. more excitement comes…he shared a story with me ..about his friend John at work ( who has just started his new life style three days ago)..They were busy getting reports out that were usual.. when John , asked Mike for his keys to a room up stairs.. Mike gave him the keys and in passing as he was going out the door said ” I’ll grab us both a candy bar upstairs ..Mike said he was so busy he didn’t’ even think about it.. and said OK..and went about working.. then he said.. it REGISTERED what John had said..! He grabbed his walkie talkie and said ..hey John..about that candy… I don’ think so!!!!!!!!!!!! He reached in his snack bag and shared a proper snack with him… saved by MIKE!!!

I was so proud of him …it would of been easy to say.. oh well one won’t hurt.. but he didn’t ..signs of the “ZONE”….this morning he came out of his bedroom ready for work..when he asked.. does this look OK? It looks very nice I say with a smile… And added.. I don’t think I’ve seen you in those blue dockers in awhile.. he smiled back.. New life style is paying off I say… yes it is.. he replied..

So I figure he is going in the “ZONE”…which is a much better place to be in life..I want this for him so badly.. and I am unable to hand it over to him…he has to do all the work.. I support him.. I encourage him..I pack lunches..make meals..but it all boils down to he has to do it.. and I am so proud he has chosen to do so..

I have a feeling there will be NO stopping him ..together were a team.. a unstoppable team…and we can do this together..its more bearable with someone on your side…with their support…

so remember when you feel the “ZONE”…rejoice.. and protect it….keep it with you forever…don’t lose it…

and you will achieve all you want to achieve.. in the “ZONE”!!!!

So I leave you with my theme songs of sort..MOVE IT ! MOVE IT! I love this song..put it on and you can’t help but smile and move..make up your own dance to it..Move it! Move it!

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Low carb Iced coffee

These days top into any fast food establishment and you will find they are all so-called “experts ” on  gourmet coffee making..and yes, America is drinking it up…whats more American than Coffee!!! After all coffee has Zero calories.. it’s the drink of choice to get our day started and to keep it going! Some people can’t even talk to anyone..before their morning coffee….

Many think , wow.. I’ll just have a coffee…no donut or pastry for me.. and you can keep the egg biscuit.. I’m going to be good!! All I need is COFFEE!

Wake up America…. have you looked at the caloric counts in your coffee lately? Leave it up to America to take something with Zero calories and transform it in to a high calorie , sugar filled drink…

According to McDonald’s Nutrition guide ( google it) you can pick up a Iced Mocha  22 oz size for a whopping 390 Calories! It has 33 grams of sugar!  57 carbs!A Iced Mocha with Non fat milk comes in at a whopping 340 Calories…( 48 grams of sugar) 58 Carbs. Now this is Coffee we are talking about! Something that starts with ZERO calories!!!! If you really what your sugar rush in the form of a drink try McDonald’s Frappe Mocha Large, again 22 ounces..but a whopping  680 Calories and 87 grams of sugar!!!!!!!! 96 carbs!

 Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!Come on people…wake up..our coffee is making us fatter!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not just picking on Mcdonalds..all of our fast foods chains are servings these sugar filled drinks now…so stop telling yourself you are being good… drinking coffee…cause your not..And If this is a daily habit you have bet is your jeans have increased a size or two!! So here before you is my Delicious recipe for Low Carb Iced Coffee.. it took all of about 45 seconds for me to whip up.. and its every bit as good as the sugar ones out there..

I took five  heaping tab of instant coffee..and put it in 3/4 cup  of HOT water and stirred it well…( you can make it stronger or weaker  if you like) then I took one scoop of Jillian Michael’s vanilla protein and put it in the blender…added 4 TAB of half and half…..then I added about 1/2 cup of cold water and the mixed coffee…and 1 package of Splenda…whirled it around to mix.. and poured it over ice….presto…my Low Carb Iced coffee!!!!!!!!! Total carb count…2 for the half & Half and 4 for the protein.. total 6 carbs.. calorie count is : 80 for half and half and 100 for protein.. for a total of 180 calores..with 5 grams of sugar! keep in mind that with MY coffee.. you are getting 15 grams of protein.. if you make it with out the protein.. it would be 2 carbs  for half and half and 80 calories…2 grams of sugar…

Which do you want in your body?

As always Bon APPETIT