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This is a blog about my life…good and bad…things I like and don’t…dreams ..hopes…reality! I got the name from my Grandmother…Hazel…she taught me to cook..and bake..and do all things in the kitchen.. she is the reason I love cooking.. everything about it…she is my reason for creating in the kitchen.

I spent my young years at my Grandmother’s side.. when ever I could.. often spending the entire weekend with her… she was a wonderful grandmother.. she doted on this granddaughter.. just like I hope to do to my own one day.  I lived to spend time with my Grandmother.. something that I enjoyed very much right up until her passing. My Grandmother was the world to me.. and I shared my whole world with her..

When I was growing up we would spend the day doing what ever we wanted… watching…talking..playing games.. oh how she loved games…sometimes we would go visit my grandmothers great-grandparents…my great-Aunt and Uncles…I have very fond memories of those visits…and if I listened I could hear the story’s they told of the old days…I’d hear laughter and tears from the kitchen table…sometimes I would be quietly playing with the  dominoes on the floor…in the next room..only to inch my way closer to the kitchen doorway , so I could hear the stories my I got older I was allowed in the kitchen to hear the stories they told first hand…see their laughter…their sillyness…. like I had never seen times Great-Grandma would say ..on no not that again.. no ,no we are not talking about that…as she continued around the kitchen with her apron still attached…still serving those sitting at the table.. coffee,tea and treats…. I remember watching them it…listening.. taking it all in… even if I didn’t understand it at times.. it wasn’t what they said… for me it was their laughter..their smiles….the happiness that was felt in that room…at that moment..I feel so blessed to have those memories…later after my great-grandparents passed…I remember going to the individual houses of my Great Aunts and Uncles…as far as all of us getting together again around the table laughing…that was only mimicked at the yearly family reunion…and  even then it was never the same..because then I was busy running around with all my cousins…that I only had the chance to see once or twice a year..maybe three times if someone died…I never got back those days again..around the kitchen table…with all of them…such a shame..but as love ones passed from this life…I learned a piece of  my family left me too….never to be seen again…death does that.. it changes the dynamics of a family…it’s changes trickle down the family chain..I wanted to stop that trickle…so did my Grandmother.. so as it be… I had my grandmother most of all… and we would keep the bond of our family alive.. sharing stories with each other.. I often questioned my grandmother about what her life was like growing up. I know I asked many times…But no matter how many times I asked , My Grandmother was more than willing to share it all with me again… the story I loved the most was how she and my grandfather went on their first date…in a horse and carriage!!! I never got tired of that…

Grandma and I have always been close…some say it was after my father got killed at a very young age.. I was 6 months old..we lived in my grandparents garage my grandfather had fixed up for us.. I got whopping cough..and it would scare my mother to death… when I couldn’t breath she would yell for my grandmother and she’d come running..and get the flem out of my throat…maybe there’s something about a grandmother helping you breathe that stays with you..maybe it was the love we felt …between our hearts.. what ever started it…we keept it going…for the rest of our lives..even after her death I still feel very close with her.. I think of her often. We were blessed, she was with us for 90 years…and never once in those  years did I ever have a cross word with my grandmother.. Never once did I skip out visiting her when I said I would.. never once did I take her love for granted…and never once did I ever forget that I would not have her forever so I should cherish each and every moment with her…and I did…

I am my grandmothers grandchild… everyday I feel a part of her in me…everyday I look for her goodness in what I do. everyday I want to be more like her …the biggest complement I could receive your just like your grandmother…yes I am Hazel’s granddaughter…and one day I will share her with my own grandchildren , even if only in her stories…

Grandma I love you “bigger that the sky”

Secondly, I am setting out on a mission.. a mission to be the best damn cook I can be and still cook healthy… I’m on a life’s journey to get healthy and live longer.. I have lots of weight to loss and it isn’t going to be easy. I love to cook… I am a good cook , so I am told..just like my Grandmother.( And I have a love hate relationship with food..more on that later..) I want my grandchildren to be healthy ( future ones.. I do not have any , yet) I want them to cook healthy and eat healthy right from the start…soooo I am going to change the way I see and cook food.. the way I eat..

I am a creative cook, I like to experiment with food and I enjoy trying different kinds of foods from all ethnic.. I am adventures in the food department and in life..I love new adventures.. so here I am about to partake in one of my new adventours…being creative in the kitchen..coming up with new ideals or new twist on old recipes.. some will hit and some will be misses I am sure.. but most of all I am out there trying to change my healthy dish at a time.. and along the way.. I just may get my “self” back….




Author: frombeverlysfrontporch

I have two blog they are about life..and what happens in the day to day living of it..somedays are filled with trial and error..other days are perfect..gotta take the good with the not so good..I have a love of all things..God,My Country, Family, friends , life..and new adventures! The second blog is a healthy life style and that journey getting there! Cheers! Beverly

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